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Earn up to £124.95 when you refer a friend.

Share the love. Refer a friend.

With every business referred by you that goes on to become a CQC Experts customer, we will give you £124.95* to say thank you.

It’s really easy to do. Simply complete the form below and we’ll do the rest. 

You may want to let your referral know we will be in contact to increase the chances of success.  

With one successful referral a month you could end up with £1,499 in one year.


The legal stuff:

If you refer a friend you will receive up to £124.95*

  • All referrals must be made through the referrals form found here: https://cqcexperts.com/Referafriend/
  • The referred company must sign up within six weeks of being referred
  • The referrer must be named on the referral form
  • The referred company must not be an existing customer of CQC Experts
  • This reward scheme cannot be use in conjunction with any other CQC Experts discount codes
  • If multiple people refer the same company, the first referrer will get the reward
  • If you want multiple rewards, refer multiple people
  • All rewards will be paid once the referred company has made two payments
  • The CQC Experts Refer a Friend scheme is available to UK residents only and is open to existing, previous and non-CQC Experts clients

If you require any further information regarding our “Refer a friend” scheme, please email hello@cqcexperts.com

That’s all the legal stuff you need to know about making a referral. Let’s get going HERE.


*The reward value will equal one months subscription payment for the referred company or one twelfth of an annual policy package.

Start earning and refer a friend now! 


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