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CQC Risk Assessments – A Brief Introduction.

Risks come in all shapes and sizes. In the social care sector, risks can affect the health and safety of staff, service users and members of the public visiting the service. CQC monitor and assess whether providers are managing the risks associated with the care and support they provide, as poor management can have severe impacts on individuals in the environment. CQC view risk management as everyone’s responsibility in order to prevent risks as much as is reasonably possible across the organisation.

Examples of risk assessment areas include:

  • Working from home
  • Medication management and administration
  • Coronavirus 
  • Fire safety and PEEPs
  • Infection Control
  • Pregnant staff
  • Moving and positioning

As part of our policy packs, we provide risk assessment templates to support your risk management processes.

A good risk assessment template will allow you to clearly identify risks around an activity, identify who could be harmed, create actions to reduce the risk, record the findings appropriately and review often, ensuring each activity has been assessed as safe for both staff and service users. Sourcing risk assessment templates from a compliance expert can provide you with effective tools to keep the organisation running safe and smoothly, and promote open discussions around risk management.

And much more

Our risk assessment templates ensure you are covering all bases with your risk assessments and can be confident that staff can recognise and understand the outcomes of risk assessments and follow the measures established for a safe environment. 

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