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CASE STUDY – CQC Experts really live up to their name with a successful CQC registration. 

Saara from Jannat Homecare was in the process of registering her business with the Care Quality Commission. She approached us after a terrible experience with an alternative compliance expert. Jannat Homecare will be providing domiciliary care that aims to operate with integrity and transparency.  Which will strive to provide the best care within their own environment and therefore ensure fewer hospital trips. 

This is her experience.

What was the reason you sought out the support of a compliance expert?

Unfortunately I had a really bad experience with a consultant, who not only abandoned me during the process but had also provided sub standard policies. Which left me feeling out of her depth and not knowing what steps to take next.

I came across CQC Experts at The Care Show, Birmingham in October 2021.  

How did CQC Experts help you?

Michelle was my main point of contact and took the time to listen to me and fully understand what I was trying to achieve with my business and the people within my care. 

My experience with CQC Experts, was in complete contrast to the experience I’d had before. Michelle was warm, friendly and understanding. It was a much more hands on approach, which made it a lot easier. Michelle kept me motivated throughout by encouraging me and reminding me that I have strong knowledge of the care sector.

I felt confident that CQC Experts were focused on a high standard of customer service and a positive outcome.

What has been the outcome?

I feel really confident about the process I have been through and the standard I intend to deliver to the people within my care, is at a high level. I am excited to say that I now have my registration!

If other people are considering working with compliance support, what would you suggest they look for?

The difference with CQC Experts is that they are as they say they are. Experts in their field. That made a huge difference to the process and the experience. They can really put themselves in your shoes because they’ve been there and therefore know how best to proceed. It’s also important that you have consistency of support, a high level of customer service, a step by step guide that makes the process easy to navigate.

If you would like to talk to one of our experts about how we can help you, please get in contact