Registration with CQC

How do I get started with registration? 

To get started with us it would be helpful if you already have your CQC-DBS in place. A fully completed or partially completed business plan would also help us to understand your business aims and objectives. In addition to this you will need an insurance quote, a financial viability statement, a staffing structure and a training matrix.

There are a number of application forms that need to be completed, these include:

  • Statement of purpose
  • Registered manager application
  • Provider application

We can help you with the whole process, depending on the level of support you need. We can do all the application forms or we can review what you have done so far.

How much does it cost to help me get registered?

Do you want help with the whole process or do you need support on an hourly basis?

Have you had a look at our website at our registration services?

Our full Registration Package with support for all the above is £1,535 plus VAT. We take an initial deposit of 50%. This also includes our pre-registration policy pack, business plan and interview support for your Registered Manager. This can later be upgraded to our full policy package at a discounted rate and have all the policies and documents that you need. All the policies and procedures will be personalised so that when you achieve registration status you are ready to go!

How long does it take to get registered?

How long it takes depends on your knowledge of the sector and how prepared you are. Where you haven’t got your DBS it will take much longer as this can often take several weeks to come back.

Currently, the social care sector is in desperate need. We have found that once applications are submitted, some are coming back within a few weeks but some of our customers have been waiting a lot longer.

CQC Compliance

What is compliance?

Compliance generally means following all legal, professional and ethical standards in social care. It is about following rules, regulations, best practice and UK legislation at all time.

In health and social care, every service provider carrying out a regulated activity is subject to monitoring and inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

CQC have set out five areas on which they assess care providers and these are:

Is the service safe? – asking whether staff and service users are protected from harm and live and work in safe environments.

Is the service effective? – asking whether the care, support and treatment achieves good outcomes, based on the service user’s needs? Are the service users encouraged and supported to reach their full potential? Are staff well trained?

Is the service well-led? ­– asking whether the management of the organisation is competent, promoting a culture of openness and honesty, striving for the highest quality of care and support, encourages learning and development amongst staff, etc.

Is the service responsive? – asking whether the service is responsive to service user’s needs. Is the service organised and adaptive? Do management encourage and listen to feedback, compliments and complaints and make changes in response?

Is the service caring? ­– Do the staff treat service users with kindness and compassion? Are they showing respect and protecting the dignity of those they support?

 Why does my service need to be compliant?

Providers, along with staff at all levels (including Registered Managers and Directors) need to maintain compliance at all times. You a delivering a service that is very personal to each service user and they need to be treated with respect, dignity and safeguarded from harm and abuse. Historic cases of poor care and safeguarding issues have informed our care standards to make them what they are today, but there are always ways to improve. If the CQC find your service is not following regulations and legislation, i.e. non-compliant, your service could be put into special measures or even closed down. At the end of the day, you should aim to provide the highest standard of care and support that you would want to receive.

 How can I maintain compliance in my service?

A provider can work towards compliance by having the following:

  •  Robust recruitment checks to ensure the staff you select are appropriate for the role. Ongoing your staff need to be well trained and have regular supervisions/competency checks.
  • Risk assessments and well developed policies and procedures to ensure safety in all areas.
  • Quality assurance practices such as auditing, service user & staff feedback/compliments/complaints to inform and improve your practice.
  • Safe systems for storing/using/disposing of waste, hazardous substances and medications; with evidence to prove it.
  • Good record keeping systems that are secure and consistent.

You should always be open and honest when things go wrong and make the necessary reports to CQC when required. Provider Information Return (PIR) forms are also required each year to maintain compliance with CQC. This allows CQC to plan for their inspections of your service as it details how your service runs, including any changes made and how you ensure you meet the 5 Key Lines of Enquiry.

Policies and Procedures

How often do you update your material?

Updates are dictated by changes in the law, regulatory demands or what is considered good practice that might have an impact on your work. Once we are aware a change is required, your documents will be updated and you will be notified by email. You will have immediate access to the updated materials.

Do you add new material?

Yes, we are always looking for ways to improve our range of products and services. We also invite people to identify any omissions they think there are in what we provide. We can then consider adding new material, and making this available to our subscribers at no extra charge.

Is your material editable?

Our material falls into two types – Microsoft Word documents and pdf’s. The pdf’s are documents we have downloaded from the internet – they are not our material – we provide it because it is a trusted resource, and will help you gain a better understanding of areas which may be new to you.

The material we have developed ourselves, the word documents,  they are fully editable, so you can make any changes you like in no time at all.

Can I cancel my order after it is placed?

All of our documents are made specifically for you and this takes us quite a lot of time, therefore if we have provided you with access to your fully personalised documents (either by you downloading an item, or by us providing you with a User Name and Password), then the answer is No.

Can I see what I am buying before I buy it?

You can get a sample of a few documents to get an idea on the format of our documents and the quality content provided within. We can also provide you with a demo of our online Portal, where the documents are stored and this can give you an overall picture of how the system works if you do decide to go ahead with a purchase.

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