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About us

Caring for the organisations that care.

With over 30 years experience of managing, working in and training 1000’s of people within the care sector we came to a point where we felt there was a better way of providing the support needed to become CQC compliant for both new and existing service providers.

It was at this point CQC Experts was created. Our approach is to collaborate with you throughout, to ensure we fully understand the exact needs of your service and any challenges you may be facing, with the objective of guiding you through the process to an ‘outstanding’ level of service. 

We offer a wide range of products and services that not only takes you from the start of your compliance journey but also continues to guide you through your CQC inspections and provide you with the very latest polished policies and perfected procedures to follow.

Our Key Registration Services

We designed these policies with you in mind. They’ll help you navigate the ins and outs, and are personalised, enabling you to provide exactly what your organisation needs in a cost effective way. And we’ll be there for you every step of the way: online, on the phone, remotely, or in person via site visits. 

Telephone Consultation

We offer a telephone consultation to really get to know you and your organisation, ensuring a truly personalised service can be offered.

Interview Preparation

We can prepare you for your ‘Provider’ and ‘Registered Manager’ interviews, including providing sample questions that you may be asked.

Fully Personalised Policies and Procedures

We recommend purchasing our ‘Silver Policies and procedures pack’ when you register. This contains all of the policies you should ever need, written specifically for your service. This is normally charged at £1,195 but we will give you a 10% discount if purchased at the same time as registration support.

Just the help you need

If you prefer to undertake your own registration, we can check and provide guidance on your completed documents, this service is charged at £75 per hour.

Application Support

We can support you in the completion or review of both your ‘Provider’ & ‘Registered Manager’ applications prior to submission.

Startup Policies

This pack contains all of the policies required by CQC for registration. This is charged at £235 and includes a discount of £235 on our Silver policy pack for when your application is successful.

Preparation and Guidance for your interviews

If you would like help with preparation and guidance for your interviews,  this service is charged at £150 and will take place after CQC have arranged your interview and requested you provide additional information.

This involves a telephone / video conference call that usually lasts around 2 hours and the preparation of a report outlining the answers that need to be given to CQC during your interview.

Comprehensive, yet easy to understand, our service ensures all areas of your organisation are compliant with the necessary regulatory requirements.

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