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2021 – CQC Experts year in review

We are now into the third week of January and we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year within the world of care compliance.

Our customers have shown us that 2021 was a year of focusing on Quality Assurance and Compliance. We are delighted to be able to support and encourage best practice across the UK with the services that we provide.

We also saw 3 core areas of support requested by you our wonderful care providers.

  1. CQC Registration – Conversations with our customers prove how many new providers find the registration process incredibly stressful, and can be very time consuming with many different components to include, our customers often tell us that they lose the motivation part way through and feel ‘stuck’ and ‘overwhelmed’ with it all. They may have planned to register their new organisation by a certain date and feel discouraged when this doesn’t go to plan. Now that we are in a New Year we have had many enquiries about registering a new health and social care business, with many people now having the confidence to go for it and we are proud to be able to take some of that stress away with our Pre-Registration Support.
  2. Mock Inspections – In addition, we have seen an increased number of customers requesting support to improve their practice, monitor staff performance their practice and Service User outcomes with our Mock Inspections. Carrying these out in between official CQC Inspections helps you and your organisation highlight where you can improve and prepare with confidence, working towards improved ratings.
  3. COVID-19 Vaccination as a condition of employment – We have also seen how COVID-19 continues to be a key feature in every day care & support with an increased number of requests for documents relating to COVID-19 prevention in the workplace, which CQC are now including as part of their inspections. This also includes enquiries from Care and Support Workers asking about their rights in this area.

We are constantly reviewing our COVID-19 related documents to keep up to date with the Government’s Guidance. Our dedicated Covid-19 folder/pack can help Management support their staff in this area, with detailed Policies, Risk Assessments and Surveys and don’t forget your organisation will be able to access resources in your area from your Local Authority to support the vaccination of staff members.

If you are looking for help with any of the areas above, contact us here https://cqcexperts.com/contact/ for more information or call 01462 222600.